Our stations will play a major role in transport to and from stadiums in Paris and other French cities, carrying RWC teams, officials and 2.5 million fans from France and around the world.

Carte de France avec les villes hôtes : Lille Paris, Saint Denis/Paris, Lyon, Saint-Étienne, Nice, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes.

Our stations will play a major role in transport to and from stadiums in Paris and other French cities, carrying RWC teams, officials and 2.5 million fans from France and around the world.

We’ve made special preparations to welcome, guide and inform these visitors—and keep them safe as they move through our stations :

1. Making you feel at home

800 volunteers on station

Some 800 volunteers are on hand to welcome fans, teams and visitors to our stations and direct them to RWC stadiums and rugby villages.

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Signage in the event's colours

We’re also working to give you a fast, clear, effortless path through our stations to the stadiums and rugby villages. Special “pink” signage with a rugby theme has been deployed in all tournament stations.

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2. Celebrating matches together

  • 23 decorated stations
  • 46 celebratory events
  • 30 exhibits feature photograph

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Enter the competition!

Do you know all the rules and terminology of rugby? To brush up your knowledge and get in shape for the championship, visit our Tous Rugby pregame website.

Enter our monthly contest and you could win a prize—a rugby ball, a jersey from the French team, or even a PlayStation 5!

2. Making your life easier

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Strengthening PRM assistance

We’ve also stepped up our support services for people with disabilities and/or limited mobility.

De nouveaux services sont également proposés pour la Coupe du Monde de Rugby 2023 :
Water fountain
Water fountains are available in all host stations for Rugby World Cup 2023, so passengers and visitors can easily refill their bottles. In extremely hot weather, Gares & Connexions employees will hand out coupons bearing single-use QR codes that travellers can redeem at in-station Relay shops for a free bottle of water.
Left-luggage points near stations
In stations with no left luggage facilities, we’ve partnered with the Nannybag network to offer storage at hotels and shops just 5 minutes away. For details, check our stations, the Gares & Connexions website and the Ma Gare SNCF app.
Cooling areas
31 cooling areas with landscaping and canopies have been set up on station forecourts so you can wait comfortably in the shade.
Mobile battery rental
OneFlash mobile battery rental in 22 stations. On each match day, fans in the host city station will find a special offer: rent a OneFlash mobile power bank with 3 hours of free time instead of the usual 30 minutes. Perfect for getting to the stadium, seeing the match, and returning to the station!

Find your lost items

Every week, nearly 200 bags are left behind on trains and in stations. Unattended items are the leading cause of rail delays, costing thousands of lost hours a year.

Whenever you board or exit a train, check to be sure you haven’t left any of your belongings behind. Lost something in a station or on a train? Found something? Our Lost Property service is on hand to help.

4. Keeping stations clean, safe and in good repair

We work especially hard to keep station amenities—escalators, elevators and more—working well. We’ve also stepped up our cleaning services and safety/security measures for the comfort and well-being of all our customers.

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